The Healing Firm is excited to work with small-to-medium sized companies to develop a stronger, healthier workforce. Corporate Wellness programs not only emphasize the benefits of health and wholeness to your employees, but also motivate them to make better choices on their own. Our corporate wellness programs are designed with the concept of total health, healing and wholeness at their core.  Our programs are comprehensive–encompassing the hexa-faceted Sozology methodology. 

We will provide an online platform, promotional design, on-site learning and physical activities, specialized programs, and educational tools to create a healthy, happy team who achieves goals, exceeds expectations, and increases profitability.


“The World Economic Forum and Harvard School of Public Health estimate that major chronic diseases and mental illness will result in a projected cumulative $47 trillion in lost economic output globally from 2011-2030.”

“In the United States alone, missed workdays due to chronic disease cost employers $153 billion in lost productivity every year; 10 cost estimates that include presentee-ism are even higher, ranging up to $1.1 trillion.”


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“Wellness” is often defined differently based on the value of the demographic targeted. At The Healing Firm, we have offer not only competencies in what some perceive as wellness, but we also bring more than 30 years of entrepreneurial expertise to the table–which allows us to see your wellness program through organizational lenses–and be mutually beneficial to all involved. 

Regardless of the perception, having an unwell workforce has negative impact.


Our Core Competencies

WE are dedicated to health, healing and wholeness.  As we cultivate relationships with small-to-medium organizations, we want to ensure that we can deliver programming congruent with our coaching methodologies and philosophies.

We look forward to working with you and developing your organizational journey to wholeness.  This is an exciting time for your company!

Wellness Committees

Wellness Committees can play a key role in keeping a corporate wellness program relevant and sustainable.

We will work with you to create and to train this group of team members whose main purpose is to liaise between management, your employee team and your corporate wellness program provider.

Having a committee is optional, but can be a great asset to your CWP.

On-Site Learning

We have cultivated a diverse network of credentialed professionals who are ready to empower your workforce with a myriad of beneficial programs.

In addition to placing a variety of learning opportunities and group fitness activities at your location, we can also curate programs for those who are engaged in ongoing sedentary, highly tactile, and physical demanding work.  Our goal is to keep your team functioning at their best.

Behavior Changing Programs+Promotion

Not only do employees benefit from corporate wellness programs at work, but these programs can be quite effective in nurturing long-term behavior changes that transform their lives as long as they are specialized and tailored to meet the needs of the team.

Our goal is to create an impactful, program that rewards  your team’s desire to be better  THEY WIN! YOU WIN!


    One of our team members will be in touch shortly. SCHEDULE A CHAT
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