An “alleged” new strain of Coronavirus, nicknamed COVID-19 has barreled into our lives. From long lines at popular supermarkets, to cancelled events, our local and global communities are being affected, whether one is infected or not. It’s no shock that in the aftermath of this possible pandemic that things will never be the same; however, in the midst, the hope is that we don’t allow fear to take over and that our humanity prevails.

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REASON ONE: As a Health Coach I have to say this: There are always viruses around us on us and in us.

We even have cancer cells floating inside of us. Hence why you don’t necessarily “catch” cancer, you feed it.  Our bodies naturally crave homeostasis (balance) and as such is the case, it is our job to give it what it needs to meet that expectation.  What’s that?

  • Healthful foods
  • Water
  • Good fats and
  • little to no processed foods. 

Listen, I have to be honest and share the truth.  If you’re eating “trash” (sugary, low nutritional value foods) on a regular basis, not only are you undoubtedly taxing your waistline, you are definitely creating poor gut health.  Gut health is the key to having a strong immune system.

O yeah! And please wash your hands…for real. Twenty seconds or MORE!

Handwashing is basic hygiene…let’s all engage in the movement.

Here’s a suggestion: Get/stay healthy to stay healthy…

REASON TWO: Fear can lower your immunity.

Correction fear does lower your immunity.  Sitting in perpetual “fight or flight” mode is very taxing to the body–the heart, the mind, the adrenals, some hormones, and your gut, to name a few systems taking the hit.  Sure, acute bouts of fear keep us safe from hurt, harm or danger; however chronic fear takes harsh tolls on the body.

Don’t want to be afraid? Make the decision not to be.  Examine what outcome the fear is/was feeding on.  Are you afraid to die? Afraid of caring for a sick child? Losing money from a quarantine? Does the thought of “social distancing” give you a real and overwhelming case of FOMO and/or losing the ability to connecting with those you care about? Deal with that reality…YOUR REALITY. Then take practical steps to honor the needs of your body and your mind. AND! Put a plan together to pragmatically address that fear if need be.

REASON THREE: I’m too focused on my healing to worry about catching a disease.

This is the truth! Currently, I am tracing my triggers to the truth, as well as evaluating people, places, things and thoughts for their ability to serve me positively in this season.  I am committed to healing bodies, minds, souls and money.  I am not committed to dwelling in a fearful existence, whether a pandemic is allegedly looming on the horizon or not.  Fear can rob us of our power to stand in and on our truth, and we need bold voices in the world, now more than ever!

REASON FOUR: There are bigger issues in the world (and in my personal part of it).

Not to sound as if all of this COVID-19 stuff doesn’t matter, but there are greater issues at hand. If you spend too long staring at this one issue, you may miss some opportunities for yourself and perhaps even your family.  What are the other issues? The list would be super long; however, what are your own issues? What lessons are beckoning for you to learn them, but you’re too busy buying toilet paper in bulk and being distracted. (No shade or shame, promise!) But consider for a moment what developing laser focus on this one issue could stop you from seeing.  Sure, we should be alert, but panic can often begat panic. 

That being said, maybe it’s time to give yourself a break from social media and… If only for 24 hours. That way, you can silence the voices and figure out what matters to you and what this issue requires of you, if anything.

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REASON FIVE: There’s no room for drama and darkness in this season of my life. (Really, ever!)

If you’re taking the time to read this, then you probably feel the same way. I’ll be honest, I know what panic and hopelessness look like. (Cue the Hurricane Rita evacuation of 2005…my mother begged me to leave Houston…NEVER AGAIN!) That being said, I want no parts of drama or darkness.  And I will do whatever I need to be both alert and in alignment.

I shall not panic! That’s not positive nor fruitful.

Again…see a reason above that may give assistance to dealing with any feelings of fear.  And please note that you are entitled to have feelings of fear, but also note those feelings are not entitled to take complete control of your life! Take your control back…you can do it! Please do it.

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REMINDER: There is something brighter and better on the other side of all of this chaos! Until then, be aware, stay alert, BE KIND, wash your entire body, and live your whole and abundant life!

Stephanie D. McKenzie is the Lead Coach and Chief Sozo Officer at The Healing Firm. Contact her for more information about this article, corporate wholeness programs, or organizational partnerships.

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