Not the healthiest question you should ask. Truthfully, fast weight loss is usually not weight loss that lasts. To make lasting changes, both males and females should consider a slow, but consistent rate of loss. For females, not more than three pounds per week, and males can safely lose up to five pounds per week.

Go ahead…say it. You know someone that lost 10 pounds in a week, or in a month. Yes, that happens. But it’s not usually just fat lost–there’s some muscle mass in there. AND! It’s more than likely water weight. So, can it be done? Sure. Should it be done? Not usually.

For those in need of a boost, there are plenty of fitness programs out there to help. Additionally, the best fitness programs will include BOTH cardio and strength training. Ladies…do not be afraid of the weights, they are good for you. Most females lack the ability to build the muscles that see on bodybuilders, so don’t shy away from the iron because you don’t want to bulk up. Lift that iron. It makes you strong, and it increases your fat loss. If you’re obese and embarking on weight loss, strength training is key, especially to deter your body against that pesky sagging skin.

BODYBOSS is one program that combines everything that you need for fitness and fat loss.

Using strength training, cardio and plyometrics, BodyBoss is one program that give you everything that you need for fat loss. While seemingly focused on helping a female demographic, we saw no reason what males couldn’t benefit from this program as well.

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So, now you have some facts, and an option for fitness. Go forth and become the best you ever!

P.S. If you want to get fit, talk to a Health Coach. These are individuals who are trained to look beyond the physical aspects of fitness, and help you create the life of total wholeness that you so richly deserve!

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