Our clients are individuals, groups and teams who are ready to start some SHIFT and LIVE LIFE WHOLE!  They understand the value of being healthy and are willing to commit to their own healing process, whether it’s an individual or collective journey.

Additionally…They may have concerns about their outward appearance (and of course we can talk about that); however, they are open to experimenting with mental, emotional, and spiritual healing modalities such as meditation practices, massage and reflexology, breathing exercises, natural remedies and mindfulness.

Our clients are willing (and some even need a little nudge) to rebel against the status quo and decades of habits to take their next steps into the whole and abundant life they deserve. 

Using our Live Life Whole program, we will develop and implement a customized program using active and sedentary learning experience to achieve wholeness.  It will be multifaceted and touch on each part of our Sozology outline. 

You want to work with us because:  You’re tired of the status quo.  You’ve wanted to change your life for a while.  You often imagine what it would be like to look, feel and be better.  If you’re leading a group or a team, envision the increased outcomes and the goals that your newly energized team can and will achieve. 


 Of course, there’s always room for more…so what are you waiting for? 

Let's Start Some Shift!

Will healing be a process?  Yes!  Will it be worth it?  Well, aren’t you?  Exactly.

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