The Whole Woman

As a woman, we often find ourselves struggling to stay in balance.  A lack of nutrients, hormonal imbalances, and even a lack of sleep can cause even the most committed Superwoman to want to hang up her cape.  The Whole Woman program focuses on getting you back to being YOU.  This program also has a post-menopausal focus, by request.


At The Relationship Firm, we have worked with countless couples to help them achieve their own happily ever afters.  In this program, we focus on practical health and wellness strategies to bring relationships into balance.  If you and "bae" are challenged by physical or mental lapses that are affecting your relationship...this is your program.


How are you?  If the answer is "tired," then Un-Stuck is here to help you figure out what might be zapping your energy.  We'll look at you "fit-by-fit" to see what is draining you and keeping you stuck, while, hopefully unlocking some untapped potential. (Yay, you!)

And...If you are feeling generally unmotivated, let's talk about it!


SLEEP IS A BIG DEAL! Sleep deprivation, insomnia, and other challenges rob you of the rest that you need.  Using Sleep Science tools, Sweet Rest will help you develop sleep hygiene routines and create the best environment for you to get some quality ZZZ's.

HINT: Scroll down for more information on this program.



Yes. You. Do!  But why?  Having an insatiable sweet tooth goes beyond just a love of that grainy white substance. 

In this program, we examine what physical or psychological needs may be driving you to the sugar bowl, and how to take control of your needs and even satify them in other ways. 

If you’ve been diagnosed with “pre-diabetes” or “chronic inflammation,” this program has been created with you in mind.

Restful sleep is a requirement for functioning at your best level. 

However, more importantly than if you sleep (which we all do) is how you sleep. 

  • Do you fall asleep easily? 

  • Stay asleep through the night? 

  • Do you wake up rested and ready to start your day? 

  • Are you tired by midday? 

And the questions go on and on…because the quality of your sleep impacts your health, your wealth (productivity), your feelings of general happiness and, even, your love life! 

This coaching program is designed to assist you with assessing and addressing what’s literally, “keeping you up at night” so that you can finally have the sweet rest that you deserve! 

After all, sweet rest is (yet another) Divine birthright!

Let's Start Some Shift!

Will healing be a process?  Yes!  Will it be worth it?  Well, aren’t you?  Exactly.

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