Our Chief Sozo Officer (CSO) is Stephanie D. McKenzie, MBA, MA, CPC, CRC, CSSC…but you can call her “Steph!”

Certified life, relationship, bereavement, sleep science, and integrative nutrition health coach Steph* is the Chief Sozo Officer and Lead Coach at The Healing Firm. 

The Healing Firm was birthed out of an “obsession” Stephanie (“Steph”) developed first for herself and then while working with individuals at The Healing Firm’s sister company, The Relationship Firm, who needed or found relief from their life, relational and marital challenges by imploring practical and spiritual healing modalities.

Wholeness is your Divine birthright!  Sounds good, right?  But what does it mean?  Well, to make it easy, “wholeness” means that nothing is missing or broken from your life. Now, you’re probably wondering if that’s even possible.  Well, it is, and I want you to have it.

After beginning and maintaining her own healing journey which focuses on the six dimensions of fitness that The Healing Firm currently offers, she continues to “live, move, be and repeat” the Sozology methodology that guides all client work at The Healing Firm.

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The word sozo is Greek and translated as both “salvation” and “wholeness.” It is out of this understanding that The Healing Firm works with clients who want to live full and abundant lives.  The Healing Firm is not a weight loss program, or a medical facility, but you are guaranteed to feel lighter as you release your burdens, align your mindset and move into a happier, healthier season of your life.


*Steph also holds certifications in meditation, mindfulness, reflexology, and flexibility, in addition to graduate degrees in Business and Christian Leadership.  *Certification in progress


Let's Start Some Shift!

Will healing be a process?  Yes!  Will it be worth it?  Well, aren’t you?  Exactly.

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